Collagen 101

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You may be hearing buzz word trending around town and we're here to give you the "need to know" on collagen and all of it's too-good-to-be-true benefits.
Collagen is the primary protein in tissue, skin and bones and a huge source of amino acids.
Here's a couple health benefits--

  • Helps maintain skin elasticity and prevent premature aging
  • Promotes healthly, strong joints and bones
  • Great for strengthening hair and nail growth
  • Can prevent intestinal damage and improve the lining of the digestive tract
  • Can quicken muscle recovery from strenuous exercise                

Get your dose by supplement form, you can stir it into your coffee or tea, smoothies, or even just a cup of water or try our homemade organic chicken bone broth, a natural source of collagen! 

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Summer cold got you down?

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What a bummer! There's nothing more disappointing than missing out on summer events and gatherings when you are home nursing a cold. Below are some natural home remedies to help ease your symptoms and get you back on your feet enjoying fun in the sun in no time!

  • Oregano oil, garlic and ginger (OGG) are 2 potent anti-bacterials that can do wonders by acting as a stimulant for your immune system.
  • Get your hands on some fresh turmeric and omega 3's to fight inflammation in the body which often is the cause for your nagging cold symptoms.
  • Try our homemade bone broth! So healing for not only your immunity but gut health, also try a probiotic to replenish healthy bacteria.
  • Other healthy habits are a eucalyptus steam for your sinus and gargling with warm ACV salt water 2-5 times a day.
  • And of course, make sure you are getting plenty of water and plenty of sleep! 
Most important thing is to love and respect your body by listening to it and giving it what it needs which is some good old R&R. Take advantage of the quiet and stay cool indoors with a good movie or a book!  
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Hey Self, Just Checkin In!

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When was the last time you took a break in the middle of your day to check in with...yourself?! Yes that's right, you! We all know what its like to get caught up in our work and daily tasks, but did you know that just 5 minutes of simple self care can ease stress and anxiety, lift brain fog and help you work more efficiently and positively? We challenge you to take a couple mini self breaks throughout your day and ask yourself, "How am I doing?" It might sounds silly but what do you need in this moment, maybe it's some fresh air? A quick walk around the block? A glass of water or snack? Maybe you need a hug from someone you love. 

Or try this breathing exercise:

Inhale 10 seconds, hold for 10, exhale for 10
Inhale for 9 seconds, hold for 9, exhale for 9
Inhale for 8 seconds, hold for 8, exhale for 8
Keep going all the way to 1 second each and then breath normally. 

Go ahead and give it a shot! Start practicing some self check in self care, we know you will begin to see a difference in not only yourself but the world around you! 
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Why is Turmeric so good for you?

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I'm glad you asked! You're probably hearing this radiant yellow powder is all the rage these days so let's fill you in on why. 

  • With it's natural anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric reduces bloating and digestive discomforts
  • Can help treat diabetes, liver diseases, arthritis, skin issues, & nourish joint health
  • Protect against heart disease and helps reduce cholesterol 
  • Can be used topically as a face/body scrub or mask to improve circulation and brighten your skin
  • Can assist in menstrual disorders 
  • Can also help lower stress levels in the brain
You can add turmeric to everything, seriously go crazy!! We love incorporating it in soups, curries, smoothies, juices, entrees & side as well as turmeric lattes aka golden milk. You really can't go wrong!

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Detox Daily with ACV Lemon Water

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Before you go running to the beloved coffee pot, let's talk about why having a cup of warm water with a splash of apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice will set you up for a healthy day!

  • The combination of lemon and ACV will naturally bring you into an alkaline state as they balance out your pH levels.
  • The two work together to flush harmful toxins and cleans your liver
  • The humble, superhero beverage works wonders to help ease bloat, upset tummy, indigestion & heartburn.
  • Vinegar helps regulate energy levels, putting that extra pep in your step without the lousy caffeine crash
Try it tomorrow morning!
Mix 8 oz of warm water with half of a fresh squeezed lemon and 1 Tablespoon ACV (preferably raw, unfiltered with "The Mother")
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