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Meat stock & Bone Broth: What's the difference?

March 11, 2018 1 min read

Meat stock is used to focus on healing the gut.  The main difference is that the stock is not cooked as long as broth, (only between 1-2 hours as opposed to up to 24 hours for broth). Stock is rich in gelatin and amino acids which are super beneficial in healing connective tissue found in the lining of the gut. These nutrients are pulled out of the meat and tissue during the first several hours of cooking meaty fish, poultry, beef and lamb.

Bone Broth is made by cooking only the bones of the animal, simmering for up to 24 hours for poultry and fish or up to 48 hours for lamb and beef bones. (The longer the better!) Broth deal for consuming once gut ealing has taken place and is a far superior source of vitamins, minerals as opposed to stock. Broth is the most efficient and effective way to get amino acids and nutrients to your system for optimal health. 

Shoot for a cup a day or try incorporating in soups and stews!