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Spring is Here!

March 26, 2018 2 min read

Something about this season bring on the need to make to get organized, set new goals and simplify. Here are a few ways to spring clean your health habits:

Get Goal Oriented.Take a few minutes to write down some personal goals you have this spring, whether physical, relational or work related it helps our mind process the steps to be made in order to improve an area of our lives that needs some cleaning up by seeing it visually on paper. Keep your list of goals in plain sight somewhere in your home so you get a frequent reminder of your intentions.

Bring on the sunshine.Aim to get 30 minutes of (noontime) sunshine Vitamin D daily if possible. 

Move it.Try simple active strategies like taking the stairs, parking a little further away in the grocery store parking lot, take a walk around the block on your lunch hour. These extra steps will make a huge difference in your overall movement through the course of a day, keeps blood moving and energy levels up. 

Eat the Rainbow. One of the best ways to improve your overall diet is to simply focus on adding a lot of color to your meals. Embrace the season by eating a fresh variety of produce that is bursting with flavor and nutrition. 

Get your Zzzz’s. Shoot for 6-9 hours a night to restore energy levels and give you a great shot at your day. Start shutting down technology early and read a book an hour or 2 before bedtime and try to avoid the snooze button which only causes irritation to your mind and body before rising for the day.