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Tired of being Tired?

October 28, 2017 1 min read

Here are 4 reasons why you may be experiencing chronic fatigue:

You're not getting enough exercise
When you feel tired, it's tempting to skip your daily movement which could actually make your more tired! The truth is regular, low-intensity exercise can help boost energy levels, like a cup of all natural coffee.

You are getting TOO much exercise
There's a fine line between training hard and overtraining, when that line is crossed, it pushes the body’s stress response too far. Make sure you’re building rest days into your mix, so that you can fully recover from your workouts.

Your gut health is all out of whack

Your gut health is totally responsible in regulating emotions, energy, immunity and even skin health and chronic disease. The good and bad bacteria in your digestive tract is central to your health.  When it’s out of whack, it can lead to lowered immunity, poor sleep and other factors that might contribute to exhaustion. Stock up on fermented foods and a wide variety of veggies — and watch out for processed stuff, especially sugar and refined carbs.

Too much time on electronic devices
Sometimes unavoidable in this decade but try to cut back as much as you can on picking up your phone, laptop, or tablet too close to bedtime and too quickly after waking up in the morning. Studies show it can lead to sleep apnea and broken sleeping patterns in general.