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Allergies Gone Wild?! - 5 Natural Allergy Remedies

May 01, 2017 1 min read

Here are 5 natural remedies to calm allergies and keep them from returning:

1. Local Raw Honey -take a spoonful or stir into tea

2. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - take a tsp in water with lemon in the morning or at the 1st sign of allergies, or use in Neti pot to flush out sinus pathways!

3. Quercetin (supplement) -Naturally found in cruciferous vegetables (broccoli/cauli/brussels), onions/shallots, green teas & citrus fruit. It's a bioflavonoid that stabilizes the release of histamines and also helps to control allergy symptoms.

4. Probiotics - take a good probiotic! Our immune system starts in and resides in the gut, so keep it flush with the good bacteria to fend off attacks.

5. Essential Oils: the allergy "bomb" that I love to use at the first sign of an allergy symptom is Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon! I add to a capsule and ingest* or mix in a roller and rub on the back of my neck.

*Not all essential oils are made equal. I only trust Young Living to take internally due to their Seed to Seal standards in sourcing and processing for safe consumption.